AUGUST 27, 2021

Small Apartment Organization Tips You Can Use Now

Do you wish you had more space in your home? Are you keeping personal items and sometimes even furniture to a minimum because you have no room? Have you adopted the minimalist lifestyle out of necessity and not because you love that particular design aesthetic? We say it’s time for a change. 


While creating more room for yourself starts with decluttering, there’s a difference between keeping things to a minimum and simply not having any room for much else. However, as a general rule, before embarking on a space-saving design project, it’s best to look around your home for opportunities to organize and declutter. 


Good news for you, we have the answers to some popular questions like, “what are the simple ways to organize a small bedroom,” or “how do I make the most of a small space?” Keep on reading for some genius space-saving ideas. 

Storage Tips For Small Apartments 

The average size of a one-bedroom unit in Toronto is around 660 square feet. Once you add the must-have furniture like couches, beds and maybe a dresser or two, you’re all out of space. 

Try floating wall-mounted cabinets to keep areas free of clutter. You can even choose cupboards that are white and blend seamlessly into the wall. Another tip is to place shelves closer to the ceiling and use baskets for optimal shelf stuffing. 

Leave no door unhooked. Use a variety of hooks and open shelves behind your doors to make up for the scarcity. You can also organize with bins on the shelves to sort belongings by family member or type of item.

Storage Tips For Small Bedrooms

Not all items are pretty enough to be stored in plain view. Sometimes we want things to be within reach but generally out of sight.  For extra blankets, pillows, or other miscellaneous items, flip-top upholstered storage benches are the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom decor. 

On the flip side, decorating with colourful, repurposed books will never go out of style. Add the convenience of reaching for a good read before switching off the light, and the bedroom bookshelf makes a strong case. Place shelves behind headboards or use built-in bookshelves as the focal point of your bedroom instead of a headboard. 

For multipurpose rooms, install a bed that folds up into the wall so you can quickly transform your bedroom into a studio, home office, playroom or anything else you can imagine.

Storage Tips For Functionality 

There is absolutely no wrong way to decorate your home. There are only ways that don’t work for you. For instance,  you might discover that having a living room dining set isn’t as valuable as an office space. Getting rid of your table and chairs set and opting for an office setup would make your room more organized and functional. Over the past year, working from home has become a part of our new normal. 

For those in much smaller spaces, transforming our living spaces to suit our everyday lives is beneficial. 

It’s all about reimagining a living space to maximize your options. Try some of these simple design ideas to maximize a multi-purpose room. 

Lastly, don’t ignore nooks. As this Ikea blog says, “every nook is an opportunity.” Placing a row of narrow shelves provides easy-access storage for many items like dishes, cooking essentials, clothes, and more. Using low-hanging shelf dividers helps as visual reminders for functional zones and makes extra room to store things.

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