AUGUST 27, 2021

Going Green at the Junction Toronto

The Junction Toronto provides countless opportunities to secure a sustainable future. Accessible recycling, organic and waste bins, tree-covered sidewalks increase green space and some condo buildings on Dundas Street West have green roofs to help reduce energy costs by absorbing heat. Here are a few ways you can go green as well. Choose one at a time and watch the way you see the world and the everyday items around you transform. 

Reduce Waste

Start your rag collection. When something spills, needs wiping, etc., use a rag/towel and then wash it. Old t-shirts are cut up to make great rags. 

If you keep a roll of paper towels strictly for bacon draining like we do, keep them out of the kitchen so using them is not a temptation. Be ready for the confused look on people’s faces when you hand them a  cloth towel after they ask for a paper towel. Folks are not used to that. 

Commit to using regular dishes and utensils.

Instead of disposable utensils normally and when hosting get-togethers. You will be amazed how much nicer using real dishes feels, not to mention how much sturdier. And, again, most of us have a  dishwasher, so aside from the loading/unloading, the extra work will be done by a machine. I am willing to do that extra work to avoid filling all the extra trash bags that parties can fill. 

Use environmentally friendly materials.  

Are you someone who enjoys using a straw or drinks more with a straw? Hydration is great, but not at the cost of all those plastic tubes that get thrown out every day. Keep a metal straw in your car or in your purse. When you’re out, remember to skip the plastic straw and use your metal straw instead. 

Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle, preferably one that is made for hot and cold. 

This way, whether you are grabbing a  cup of coffee or out at the gym, there is no need for throw-away cups or plastic water bottles that will just be tossed or lost. If you are going out for a longer trip where you’d usually buy a case of water, think about filling large water bottles that can act to refill smaller personal ones that you bring. 

Utilize the bulk section. 

Take a walk all the way around your grocery store to see if there is a bulk section you have never noticed. Many grocery stores have them, and most of us walk right on by them. Many staples can be put in reusable bags/containers and bought in bulk as a  way to avoid packaging. 

Cut down on plastic waste.

Keep your reusable grocery bags in the car.  When you forget to put them back in your car or forget to bring them in, simply pass on the bags. “Paper or plastic?” they ask. 

“I don’t need a bag, thanks,” is a perfectly acceptable answer,  especially if the purchases are so small they can be carried out in hand. It is ok to bag your groceries in the car or the driveway after fetching the forgotten bags from inside the car or house once you are home. 

Conserve energy.

The Junction Factory is in close proximity to some great companies. Salesboom, SlyFox Web Design & Marketing Toronto, Channel Zero Inc and Fable Tech Labs just to name a few. You can decrease your carbon footprint by walking or cycling to work. 

Junction Factory also offers residents a bike locker to securely place their wheels. And, as an added bonus if you rent before Dec 30, 2021 you can get a free locker for one year. Take a look at the other incentives in our special limited-time offer here

Going green is truly a mindset. Be willing to take the extra step or spend the extra few minutes to avoid the potentially convenient but much less eco-friendly options. It all goes a long way! Visit the Junction Factory neighbourhood to find other sustainable living options.

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