November 27, 2021

The Junction Toronto Business Spotlight: Interview with Peekaboo Tattoo

The Junction Toronto Business Spotlight:   Interview with Peekaboo Tattoo

Branching out on your own and starting a business can be tricky. Attempting to make a name for yourself as one of the best tattoo artists Toronto has ever seen can also present some challenges. But trying all of the above while navigating a global pandemic can test your strength in unimaginable ways. We spoke to our friends over at Peekaboo Tatoo about their triumphs, struggles, working in the Junction Toronto neighbourhood and what makes their artistry different from the rest.

Why did you decide to become a tattooist?

Because all the good jobs were taken ;) we all have a love of art and thought tattooing was pretty fun and exciting. We also enjoy working with people.


What are your biggest challenges currently?

Anxiety and depression! Also, lockdowns were a huge challenge and contributed to the anxiety and depression!


How are you overcoming those challenges?

Some of us are in therapy working on ourselves. Dogs are great distractions. We all have a good friendship within our coworker group, so we talk a lot about our problems and support each other as much as we can.


How did you all meet? Describe a typical day at the shop.

We all bring a different energy, and we spend all day laughing at and with each other. It’s a pretty fun environment, and we know our clients love the banter back and forth. The girls especially love picking on Peter!  Caroline and Peter are married and met on MySpace (>_<), And Peter worked with Monika’s husband. Also, Liza, Monika and Caroline worked together in other shops!


How has it been working in the Junction neighbourhood?

Great, we love the area and the friendly people who live here. We also love the other business owners in our area. The junction is great! We decided to call Junction our home specifically because of its cute location with lots of mom-and-pop shops. We also all love the number of dogs passing by our windows. And at the time we were one of only a few shops, though that has changed recently. 


Your business opened in 2019; what were you doing prior? What made you want to open up shop?

Before 2019, we were full-time tattooing at other shops. We decided to create our shop because we wanted independence from shop owners. Now we can set our schedules, decide where to invest in the shop, and get things done promptly instead of relying on others. 


What would you like to tell our readers about your art?

We all do different art styles and are happy to work with people on their first tattoo or 40th tattoo. We pride ourselves on our meticulous quality work and custom designs. Monika does amazing American traditional work. She focuses on floral, fruit, and pinups. Liza is a neotraditional artist who uses bold colours with fine detail. She enjoys 90s pop culture references and immortalizing your furry friends. Peter is focused on cartoon pop culture and his spin on traditional. Lots of bright colours and clean lines. Caroline enjoys tattooing lady heads, pinups, anime and more traditional work. She also loves pastels and soft tones.


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